Astro-forecast: Libra Season with Jonelle Jones

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

LIBRA SEASON- Astro-Forecast by Jonelle jones

Libra season will bring all the energy of yearning for balance, and therefore seeing the toxic nature of some of our relationships, including the relationship we have with ourselves! With this, our creative projects will revolve around revisiting old wounds, deciphering what is healthiest for ourselves and regaining a sense of balance.

Written works are more likely to have a conclusion where a healthier decision is made, rather than only being an expression of pain or emotion, and visual arts are likely to be pensive and calming, with an element of refinement and classic beauty.

At the start of Libra season, there will be an exposure of all that is not right within ourselves and amongst ourselves, towards the middle; creative pieces which bring a resolve for justice, and towards the end; a sense of release of toxicity and revelling in the beauty of the purity which remains. Your writing on the tail end of Libra season will bring about beautiful imagery imagined amongst our poets and writers, making way for all that is new in Scorpio season… but that is only if we make it through the cutting sword of Libra season. Good luck!

Key Dates:

27th September 2019: Sun Conjuct Chiron

There will be a spotlight on past pain. The largest wound that you may have, yet the source of what drives you to teach others. You are likely to want to write about going through the hardship that you did from a standpoint of wanting to help others who may be experiencing the same thing. This outpouring may make you feel as though your pain is your identity. However, it isn’t. Ensure that you are able to help others in a way that also helps you, and don’t feel like you’re being a coward if you choose not to share in this moment. During Libra season, speaking about the beauty of who you have now come to be can help you smooth out this energy.

3rd October 2019: Pluto goes Direct

This is a big one! Pluto has been retrograde since April 24th, and you may have gone through a process of shedding the old self, money shortages, revisiting deep soul connections and losing some friends along the way as secrets and the hidden are revealed. Pluto going direct could be a final death of the old version of you, and the rebirth process for you. New projects will be released, most likely an image change by those in the creative writing world. Check out their social media and collaborations; deep soul connections between creative minds will take place and a SPARK of ART will be created as two kindred souls merge. There will be big image changes across the community!

13th October 2019: Full Moon Aries & 14th October 2019: Sun square Pluto

The full moon in Aries will bring a determined energy passionately fuelled to want to bring justice to our world, whether our inner world, community, or on a global scale. As the Sister Sign to Libra, this is the fiery side of justice! With this energy of passion for change, could bring a slight low the next day (14th) when the Sun squares Pluto. You may feel as though all the things wrong in the world are too heavy to be fixed to reach the ultimate goal of justice, and this might lead to you having writers block, feeling stuck, or like being creative isn’t enough. These barriers to releasing could make this particular aspect difficult for you. Focus your energy into transmuting your futility into power; perhaps writing about times when you overcame barriers. You will need to encourage yourself in a more aggressive manner- perhaps by doing a physical activity to catalyse inner change of resolve.

18th October Venus trine North Node & 21st October Venus trine Neptune

The Libra season draws to a close on the idealism side of Libra. This is to balance out all the realisations of all that is unjust in the world. Prepare to find beauty in your purpose. Prepare to find beauty in the dream. Many will say that being in a dream world is unrealistic and therefore a hindrance to progress and achievement; but what if I said being a dreamer, at least sometimes, is healthy? This is the balance that Libra season has restored. This is the time of the Libra season where you will invite in the new after accepting the pain of past and present you, as well as any pain that will inevitably come. It’s a condition that isn’t to be wished away, but one where you must seek balance by being able to enjoy your inner Neptunian; psychedelic, compassionate, self-sacrificing, creative, no-boundaries, subconscious and the submissive world where anything you want, you can have. Creatively, you’ll find beauty in the overlooked.

How Will Libra Season Impact Your Creativity- Based on Your Sign?

Check your Rising Sign first, then Sun, then Moon!

Aries- “True Love Exists”

This season will have your focus shift to relationships; past and future. Your written pieces and even personal journaling may revolve around the wounds you’ve acquired through failed partnerships in the past, whether that be marriages, relationships, business partners or agreements with others. You may have a very fiery energy about how you verbalise it, from a place of desire for the goals you want to achieve in this aspect of your life! Perhaps it will take the imagery of drive, ambition, and anger, which are all impactful ways to both release and to have others relate to the pains of failed relationships in the past. However, over the course of Libra season, you will begin to channel this in a way where the lessons you’ve learned about yourself in relationships will be brought to the forefront of your poetry and creative work. This will take on a “teaching others” role. You must stay in this energy, transmuting the pain into sharing your lessons through writing, rather than feel convicted by them and suffering writer’s block! The end of Libra season will see you have cleared out any self-blaming, and in fact will be a time of determination for seeing the beauty in love. Creatively, you’ll feel more purposeful, and in true Aries fashion, will see the beauty and bliss in relationships once more, without any bitter feelings. This could be a time of Affirming that you will find love again, or improved partnership if you are already in a relationship. With these affirmations through modelling the love you’d like to experience in your art form/creative projects, you are likely to call in a true love during the tail end of this season!

Taurus- “I am grateful for the good in my life”

During this season Taurus, you will demonstrate a tactile imagery, with a focus on story telling of the daily life you’ve had growing up, or currently, through your creative writing. The topics may revolve around the shedding of old enemies, obstacles you’ve faced, as well as the hard work you have had to put in in order to develop into the person you are currently, though recognising there is an ideal place you’d like to be in soon: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This symbolises your desire for balance.

The mid to end of Libra season will see you transition into communicating the beauty of art that we can interact with in our daily lives. You creative writing may put the spotlight on people you hold close, like siblings and best friends, and how they have supported you in reaching your goals. There is a sense of gratitude in your creative writing, almost like prayer as you perform your work to others. You will have cleared the daily toxicity of what wasn’t serving you, such as toxic people (and even poor eating habits!) and removed the veil to see the good people and good resources that surrounded you the entire time.

Gemini- “Release, Fun and the Inner Child”

During this Libra season, you will incorporate the excitement of life into your creative writing! You creative writing is likely to have more of a theatrical flair to it; think musical theatre, singing, and performance poetry in a more dramatic way. You feel as though this will be the more effective way to help your audience as it helps them to connect with all the joys and textures and sounds that our physical selves can experience in this lifetime. This will be a time of exploring the pleasure domes of your psyche and soul. You may attend events that you never have done before, seeking a new fun experience. Through doing this, it inspires new artistic ideas, collaboration potential and a different outlook on life. This gives your mind balance and a break from information overload, and instead brings your Mercurial-self back into your physical body! This will mean that you’ll loosen up more when performing, and bring the element of enjoyment into sharing your art with others. Often this is where we thrive the most; when we are free and not caring of judgement. Towards the end of Libra season, the beauty you see in creativity and expression will be at its peak, and do not be surprised if you attract an entirely new tribe of people you resonate with. Feel the love!

Cancer- “The HEART is where the Home is”

During Libra season, your creative writing will explore themes of what is home, and how you found love there. You will be clearing out past pains of feeling nomadic; drifting from place to place figuratively or even literally, and how finding your home within you has been pivotal in your journey. You will have the opportunity to reflect on those more difficult times of not feeling at home, and use it to help others to find belonging. Your creative pieces will have a soothing effect, provoking the audience’s nostalgia of home, the mother and family. This is a time where you will come to find what home means to you, and will relay that comfort in your artwork. Towards the end of the month, you will show appreciation and compassion for the people you associate ‘home’ and belonging with. Perhaps you’ll publish a diary series, or write a piece showing appreciation for your mother or mother figure in your life, or film a piece in your home town. This is a very nurturing time for you!

Leo- “How it all Comes Together”

It’s all coming together for you Leo! You have a renewed understanding and awakening to the goings on of the things around you and how every part of your life works together. This is an awakening of intellectual energy, so your creative writing is likely to share some new knowledge that you are recently becoming very interested in. You have gone through a tough period of feeling stuck, are currently going through releasing those blockages and new information is coming through, which urges you to reach out to others and connect them, whether through social media or smaller community shows. You will relay information to supporters, perhaps with a themed series presented as such online. You may connect with small community functions where you attend open mics or poetry events more than usual, and your urge to network in order to learn more – and have fun!- is at its peak. Towards the end of the month, you may be on an advert or short film of some kind which is in alignment with the message you’d like to share with the world. Perhaps it’s an advert for a community project, or a mini-documentary spreading a message where love is at the centre.

Virgo- “There is beauty in Self Love”

Oh Virgo! You have been on such a transformative journey over the last few months, and now you are seeing the fruit of this. You will be an advocate of self-love during this Libra Season to those around you. This will show in your creative expression in the form of specific instruction on how others could show more self-worth, self-care, and to build a strong foundation in all senses. Your creative work may be quite self-indulgent in order to demonstrate to others how they should be treating themselves. You may be very careful with who you are keeping close to you in order to self-preserve, yet you are still sharing wisdom through an outlet which is an extension of you. You may give more financial advice through your creative outlet, as you believe this to be an extension of self-worth and value given the earth sign that you are! Towards the end of the month, you will be so filled with love for yourself that it will overflow in the form of open compassion to those around you!

Libra- HAPPY SOLAR RETURN to the Libra Suns! “I am beautiful”

Libra babies! This is the time of the year where the sun is shining its light on you. This means that your self-image and image to others will be on view. Caring about how others view you through your creative work would be a source of anxiety going into Libra season, but after channelling your life lessons and expression in a way that is aesthetically or metaphorically beautiful, you will find peace in showing your authentic caring nature to the world! Your creative work is likely to be light in energy, pleasurable to look at if it’s in the style of visual arts, photography or a book, as well as brimming with irresistible imagery. Libra, you have re-invented yourself artistically in such a refined and intentional way which will capture the emotions and spirit of those who listen to or read your words, or see your visual art. You will show the beauty in vulnerability and being authentic towards the end of your season, where there are no limits and no boundaries. Wondrous!

Scorpio- “There is Beauty in Deep Soul Connections”

Scorpio, this could be a season that makes you or breaks you into a cycle of re-learning and why do that when you can get the lesson now?! Creatively, you will have the urge to connect with a few people who have come back into your life, and who will inspire truly transformational spiritual power of your subconscious mind. You may find yourself writing more about spiritual awakening, soul tribe connections, spirit angels and the occult and the mystic. Through this, you are likely to reflect on past wounds, releasing their hold on you and transcending into a space that teaches others to find balance in their shadow work. The themes you may present creatively are psychedelic and ethereal in nature where deep soul connections may be expressed through a medium of stark imagery. You will romanticize these otherworldly spiritual concepts through your language and delivery, making for a month where you are just not on this planet! You’ll push creative boundaries, blending various skills together e.g. singing with poetry and acting with spoken word and film. You’ll make a statement which provokes what’s hidden in your viewers… a very powerful time for you creatively!

Sagittarius- “The Vision I have will come to Fruition”

Sag- you are coming with the Message of all messages this season! You are ready to step out into the spotlight and present the Vision that you have for the world. This means that you will be sharing what gives you intellectual stability, whether that’s a newfound philosophy or a culture that you believe would benefit your global community, you’re taking a stand. Your creative work is likely to take on a philosophical or cultural standpoint, where you’re connecting with communities with the same Vision/beliefs as you. You’re ready to connect with your tribe, so going to creative spaces which resonate with you are high on your list of priorities. You may want to travel in order to find this, and you’re feeling determined to invest into bringing your vision to fruition in the exact way that you want it done; properly! You have previously been feeling frustration with expressing yourself the way you desire to, but Libra season will have you stepping outside of the box, not giving into restrictions and being brave when it comes to showing who you truly are. You’re standing strong and unwavering in your creative convictions now; exciting!

Capricorn- “I will leave a legacy”

Caps, you want to bring something to the creative scene nobody has done or seen before! You want to leave a legacy more so than pump out content for ‘likes’. This is about you doing something that will unearth taboos that society has created within the creative world. You want to show that there is beauty in those taboos, and that if shown in the correct way, a way that brings out the beauty of your Shadow work, then it can be truly transformative. Public image will be important here, and telling a story from an authoritative standpoint. As Capricorn’s Libra cusp is in the 10th House of the Father this month, revisiting of the father figure and all that he has taught you will be embedded into your art work and shown to your audiences in a way that shows the beauty in the taboos. Libra energy shows you yourself so that you might regain balance, and so this season will be truly rehabilitating for you; releasing the inner wounds that did not serve you with such an honesty, and therefore stepping into purpose. In order to make an impact, Venus trine Neptune will see you present your work through either a big publication, book release, film, or documentary.

Aquarius- “Knowledge is Power”

Aqua’s, you realise that this is the time where solitude is much needed in order to figure out how you want to see the world and how you’d like to communicate our place in it to others. In true Aqua fashion, you want to KNOW so that you can move in the world with confidence in what you can bring to it! This means that creatively, you may be absorbing and soaking in books, speeches, religions, and further study for future synthesis! This is a time where you may be searching for answers so that you may resolve past pain and inner trauma. This is a truly studious time for you. Creatively, you may share some updates on yourself here and there, but for the most part you are away; absorbing information both spiritually and intellectually must take priority right now over sharing with the community. This is a very important time, and I can see that you will find such beauty and pleasure in the ideas and artwork that you come across on your quest for the truth and knowledge.

Pisces- “Hidden Synchronicities can also be your Guide”

Compassion, duty, care and aid to those who happen to cross your path unearths great truths for you this season. You are likely to write about transformation from being in one state to another, and therefore connect with a new audience compared to who you have been connecting with previously. Those who have pains from their past will gravitate to your work in order to be transformed, and with this you may generate income from others through these creative services. Through deep soul connections that you will form during this time, your writing may take on a sombre energy, but not due to sadness, but due to mourning an old way of thinking and living, and inviting in a new inner-standing of our reason for being here. What a transformation! The beauty of these transformations will be shown in your creative expression which may take on a musical and fantasy/otherworldly theme. What a time to bring others into their own inner world through your words and imagery. Transformation during the Autumn season in itself is a synchronicity.

Happy Libra Season!

Until next month,

Jonelle x

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