Astro-forecast: Virgo Season with Jonelle Jones

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

Astro- forecast: Virgo Season by Jonelle Jones

During Virgo season, everyone is likely to be influenced by Virgo energy. This is because the Sun is in Virgo. The Sun shines a light on whatever energy it is receiving. The Sun represents the ego and projection and action. So, expect the actions you outwardly take to be influenced by Virgo energies! So, what will these energies look like overall?

Virgo season is one many astro-lovers look forward to. It’s a time where many get the energy to pay attention to the details of life, whether that’s revising the relationships we’re in, our career choices, smaller everyday decisions and work. Virgo is a sign of servitude; helping others with the finer details to ensure that all the pieces are working together for the bigger vision to come together. Mercury ruled Virgo takes into account the logistics when given information. When the information is received, one may pay so much attention to the finer details, that they can risk seeing the bigger picture. Usually, they leave the overarching conceptual decision making to the Talkers- the other Mercurial sign- Gemini; the Virgos will take an idea, scan it for bugs, and have a checklist of things that need reviewing, fixing and changing. The Teenage Mutable sign- Virgo- makes changes for the betterment of the group. They are the ones you can count on in a collaboration to not miss a trick; and all from the goodness of wanting plans to come together nicely.

But how might Virgo season directly affect our creative writing? Poetry? Communication? Our imagination?

It’s all about how certain celestial bodies/planets are being aspected, and which signs they are being aspected in. I am going to take you through some of the placements which I think will have a direct impact on our creative writing this Virgo season.

Sun conjunct Mars and Mercury

The Sun will be in conjunct with Mars and Mercury in early September. This energy is flowing energy! It means that you are likely to have a desire to get your thoughts and ideas across to others. This desire will take the form of passion. With Mars ruling desire, drive, action and sex, expect your thoughts as a writer to take on the themes of love, lovers and loving! The sun will be shining a light on any written communication; whether that be through writing by hand, letters, emails, travelling a short distance to see someone and express your desires for them (or for life in general). This could also mean you taking journeys to visit someone you haven’t seen in a while, or travelling for a passion of yours, like work and business! Whatever your passion and desires are, they will be communicated to the world in one form or another.

Mercury trine Uranus

Mercury trine Uranus (which is in Taurus) may mean that you are wanting to communicate ideas and thoughts through writing and speaking, or other modes of communication e.g. through media, on topics pertaining to our surroundings and the environment. This could mean anything from nature, to food, to personal accumulation of wealth. You are likely to be expressing yourself from a revolutionary standpoint, and may even bring politics into the discussion, as Uranus rules organisations and networks! With Mercury in Virgo in early September until the 14th September, you are likely to be hyper-focused, detail oriented, and the ultimate perfectionist when it comes to bringing a revolutionary idea, organisation or initiative to fruition.

Sun trine Saturn

Early September (from the 6th) has the Sun trine Saturn. This means that a light will be shining on karma, responsibilities and the lessons you may have recently learned. For those who are Virgos (and therefore have their Sun in Virgo), you may be having to learn a big lesson right now. This will always be for the greater good. This will enable you to move forward as a better person. Or perhaps you are the teacher supporting others in their learning about life. How Saturn works is this; if you have been listening to previous lessons that life has taught you; if you have been listening to the signs, Saturn reaffirms this growth by showing you the rewards of your efforts. On the other hand, if you have been stubborn for example, and have delayed doing what you should do, or evaded your responsibilities of doing the right thing in order to achieve balance in our world, you will see the consequences of that behaviour in a bid for the Universe to teach you not to overlook or bypass your lesson. Nevertheless, you are likely to be receptive to Saturn’s energy somewhat. It won’t be the easiest, but you’re ready to take heed of this lesson.

Sun sextiles North Node

As the Sun sextiles the North Node in Cancer on the 7th, we all may be having feelings of wanting to connect to the home, our roots, our mothers, better mothering, and perhaps hearing of new pregnancies! This could be a time where you want to connect with family and all the comforts and emotional bonding this brings. With these energies, you may find that you are in a period of stepping back and observing your private life which would therefore bring new material forth creatively. You may be writing a lot of creative material in the privacy of your home, not yet ready to share it as it’s so close to your heart.

Sextiles are supporting aspects. This means that you may be wanting to serve and pay attention to your mum at this time. Maybe you feel that she needs more of your attention, someone to talk to, or perhaps you want to help her resolve any problems she may be going through more than ever. This energy can pertain to anything in the home that requires attending to so that the family structure functions in a healthy way. This energy is wonderful during the Virgo season where people are usually being very thorough about their daily work and services, as serving one another can have a more nurturing role in this placement.

Sun conjunct Neptune

With the Sun conjunct Neptune, prepare for feeling more sensitive than usual. But not the emotional defensiveness kind; the caring kind. You may have more dreams at night, or feelings of being in touch with your subconscious thought more than usual. This can spark a more active imagination. This could mean creative writing taking on a more adventurous and ‘out of the box’ angle. You may even start your writing sessions with a meditation session, or feel the need to ‘zone out’ and allow your mind to wander. This is the perfect energy to explore a different style of writing or topic than what you would normally! Delve into the realm of fantasy… And with the Pisces Full Moon on the 13th/14th September, intuition and the imaginative subconscious will be more alive than ever!


Jupiter squares quite a lot of planets this Virgo season. Squaring planets bring an energy of friction and frustration. Although some may say that this is a negative aspect, I would say that this is an aspect which can bring positive change if you make the effort to merge the energies in a healthy way. So instead of saying squares are a “frustration”, we can say that this is a Challenge! This will enable you to learn a new perspective, possibly a new skill, which can only allow you to act on more opportunities in the future, and therefore grow as a person.

Jupiter (the planet of expansion, higher education, big business, wealth, religion, law, philosophy, and good fortune) will square the Sun on the 8th September. Perhaps you will feel as though there are barriers to meeting your soul purpose and goal? You may be feeling like there are challenges in achieving some of the factors that Jupiter represents. This travelling can also represent the travel one makes deeper within the self. You may be challenging your beliefs when it comes to religion and philosophy, thus making concentrating on your goals a bit more difficult. Overcome these challenges by taking a deep breath, and approaching your goals from a different angle. Go easy on yourself as you cannot always force understanding and inner-standing. You’ll learn a lot this way! As a creative, you may be extra hard on yourself when it comes to deciding what message you want to send out to your following. The details of your message matter to you a lot right now.

Jupiter squares Mercury

This aspect could be a classic one for the dreaded Writers’ Block! This aspect could mean that the higher philosophies, spiritual downloads and ideas that you have swirling around in your head may struggle to get put down on paper, in a way that is communicated succinctly to your audience. You may feel challenged when it comes to ordering your thoughts and ideas, and you may find that this challenge makes communicating your ideas and intentions for progression when it comes to collaboration with business partners, peers and even teachers/mentors a difficulty. This aspect could also mean that an application or contract may encounter some blocks when it comes to income, money or a financial deal. Ease through this by being patient with your mind. Maybe you need to use this time to read some more material? Perhaps you may need to observe life for a few weeks and discover new inspiration. It is not always possible or effective to constantly churn out material (when it’s not coming naturally). Quality over quantity!

Venus conjunct Chiron

September 17th emits the energy of Venus conjunct Chiron. Chiron represents the ‘wounded healer, inner teacher’: that topic or “stuff” in your life that gave you much pain in the past, and probably always will… but is an area of your life that you are somehow gifted to teach others on how to overcome. Venus is the planet of beauty, art, abundance, money. This could be a time where you write a piece that looks at the beauty of imperfection. A piece which inspires others to feel loved and special, taking into account the trauma they may have gone through, but transmuting it into a positive. This is a time in Virgo season where you could uncover a lot of pain amongst an accepting and loving audience/atmosphere. Embrace this moment.

Full moon in Pisces

With the full moon in Pisces on the 14th September, expect intuition and psychic abilities to be higher than usual. You may have a dream that you just have to share in a creative way, whether that’s music, film or writing. Emotions being at a high, as it’s the full moon, could mean a moment of sharing your feelings and sentiments without boundaries or restriction! The subconscious is your playground, and you may be ready to explore the depths of compassion, self-sacrifice and love without judgement of the self or others. Everyone will be in a dream (or daydream) on this day! Especially those experiencing their Lunar Return (those who have the Moon in Pisces in their natal chart). Creativity will certainly be at an all -time high for you!

In Conclusion…

These are some of the planetary placements which have stood out to me as having an impact on our writing community. With Jupiter having quite a few challenging aspects during Virgo season, this is a time for restructuring philosophical and religious/spiritual viewpoints by going over the details of what you stand for, and communicating them as effectively as you can to others once the squares smooth out. This will only lead to progression for both yourself, and the collective!

And finally… September 14th brings us the Moon in Pisces Opposing the Sun in Virgo…

The dreamy and creative combinations of Pisces, the Moon and Neptune and the Sun adds to some beautiful art coming to the forefront of the writers and creative community. Prepare for having an attraction to increased meditation, blurs between reality and the subconscious and the reminder that we are all connected as one in Unconditional Love. Sounds trippy, right? Let your imagination flow and the feelings pour from your pen! With the Sun in Virgo at the same time, and Virgo being the Sister Sign of Pisces, this will lead to an opposition in energies. Didn’t catch that? Let me explain…

Virgo and Pisces are Sister Signs. Every zodiac sign has a Sister Sign! This means that they are two sides of the same coin. Virgo and Pisces both love to serve others. However, Virgo serves by looking at the details and Pisces serves by (without any planning whatsoever) helping the underdog by any means that they can in that moment! Virgo lives for boundaries, and Pisces can’t stand them. Virgo guards the self through discernment, whereas Pisces would rather take the risk.

Where the full moon in Pisces will bring freedom in romanticism and fluctuation of moods, the Sun in Virgo will be highly critical of these thoughts and emotions that the Pisces moon energy will evoke within you. Be careful not to be too critical of the creative work you produce, or worry about whether it’s good enough. When it comes to your art, let it be free. Be thorough (Virgo), but open (Pisces). Play with it and enjoy the rawness of your higher thoughts and emotions.

Happy Virgo Season!

Until next month,

Jonelle x

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