Scorpio Season with Jonelle Jones

SCORPIO SEASON- Astro-Forecast by Jonelle jones

How Will Scorpio Season Impact Your Creativity- Based on Your Sign?

Check your Rising Sign first, then Sun, then Moon to build an overall picture!

Aries- “Confronting the fears”

You will be reaching new depths in your creative work Aries! You may have uncovered a hidden part of you; a desire that will mean your transformation. You will have to come to terms with your deepest fears and demons in order to accept and transform them into a new creative venture or project. This will be re-defining for you, as you step into your authentic calling! You will be merging your taboo self with your lighter self for something truly unique and captivating for your audiences. Your creative work may take on dark imagery, exploring your shadow world, romantising it, but only to understand it better and to show others that there is beauty in the journey.

In later November, you will bring the social activist to the public stage, promoting change and paradigm shifts for a healthier world. You will bring to the creative stage a message that will spark the minds of many, and many will also want to incite change in the world that we are a part of.

Taurus- “Revising Creative Connections”

You will be going through deep transformation when it comes to existing partnerships you’ve made within your life as well as the creative world. Perhaps these bonds will become deeper, and you’ll launch a new project with these connections. Or perhaps it will be time for you to move on as you uncover a new creative depth to you that is no longer being nurtured here. Either way, partnerships, businesses and structures surrounding who is in your creative space will be challenged in order to bring out the authentic version of you- and you will LOVE who you find in your deepest psyche!

In early November to mid-November, you are likely to take a longer journey within yourself (or maybe even physically travel abroad!) to read about and develop your understanding of existing cultures, lifestyles and philosophies, and this will feed your creative content and style! This period is one of introversion, where you will encounter spiritual expansion, not from within, but due to the knowledge and experiences you are currently absorbing. You will have a spark of adrenaline and excitement during this time. Enjoy it!

Gemini- “Creative Business is Booming”

You will be throwing yourself into your daily work and service when it comes to your creative passion at the start of Scorpio season! You are coming to terms with your authentic creative self, and this shows in the work you are producing. Keep acquiring knowledge and training yourself so that your creative service is top-notch and to a high standard, as it could also lead to forming enemies surrounding your creative business if expectations are not met. You will be paying more attention to your health as you believe that this will also aid your creative process. If this is done correctly, you will have an influx of generated income from business Gemini, as the house of “other people’s money” is activated in early to mid-November for you! Ensure that you are taking responsibility for your actions and your creative knowledge, as you will be creating new projects and services during this time. Any secrets are likely to be exposed and revealed, so maintain integrity (and you should be anyway!) Your creative work is likely to be inspired by, influenced by, or take on the form of the occult, religion and esoteric kind, so remain prayerful, protected and centred.

Cancer- “Fun… then Commitment to a Project!”

You may be feeling a little out of sorts at the start of Scorpio season, as it calls for you to step outside of your comfort zone of safety, and to get socialising in the unknown! You will feel that a natural progression within your creative work is to begin exploring the unstructured, fun and slightly risky side of life and therefore, putting those experiences into your art. You’ll want to create fun experiences for other people. Perhaps hosting a show or event and putting that little bit more effort to make it a joyous occasion. As a result of socialising more and getting outside of your creative comfort zone, you will meet more like-minded individuals who have similar passions when it comes to creativity, helping the wider community and vision. Therefore, you may find that you start to collaborate more in business, contracts and official partnerships for a wider cause. Commitment to something or someone will mean a new focus for you.

Some Cancerians may even be starting a new romance progressing to a commitment in November! So be prepared for a new version of yourself to come forth in your art.

Leo- “Tending to the Private Life”

A re-awakening of the love for a mothering figure in your life will surface. Your artistic expression may revolve around the mothering figure in your life, or the archetype for nurturing and safety. You may be doing a lot of artwork behind closed doors, perhaps not yet ready to release it for the world to see. This may be a time to truly enjoy the textures it holds, without the outside world putting their two pennies in, and thus making it feel a little less special to you. This is a time for you to privately enjoy, explore and love your art.

You may then come out of this shell in early to mid-November, where you will want to service others with the artwork you’ve been working on. This may include having discount prices to build a client base, or perhaps practising your service for free so that you can really hone your skills. You will be caring a lot about the experience of others as they receive your service. You will be thorough and want to do an excellent job on a daily basis. This is setting you up for being the master of your creative practise. A very consistent and thorough time for you! You will work with compassion and a feeling of responsibility for helping those in your world.

Virgo- “Making Sense of Your Reality”

You will be reconnecting with your community, and showing deep love and devotion to them. Creatively, this will mean applying yourself to collaborative projects that you are a part of, or being extra thorough in being aware of who is in charge of what in your circles. You may form deeper bonds with siblings, thus enriching the topics that you write or speak about. This may be a quieter time for you where the creative side of you is being developed indirectly, through the conversations you’re having. A lot of communication is going on with various people you know, and somehow, they are all starting to make the things you’re going through make perfect sense. During Mercury Retrograde, this will become even more apparent! In November, you will be conscious that you’ve not been having as much fun as you should be having in this lifetime! So, you may find fun activities to do, like booking musical theatre tickets, meeting up with those you haven’t seen in a while, spontaneously, having quick getaways and rekindling romances. You will feel inspired to then take creative action in order to bring your dreams to fruition. You’ll have the creative bug in early to mid-November as you will feel that it is your responsibility to give that to yourself and your audience! You may even do something for the children market to bring them joy in the arts too.

Libra- "Laying the Foundations”

You will start to build a world around you which embodies your new creative image which you birthed last month, during your Libra season! This means that you will look at the practicalities of your lifestyle. You are likely to begin charging for your creative services, thinking about how your foundations around you are encouraging growth here and therefore changes to your diet, where you live, how you live and what you prioritise will start to take form. This is so that your creative ventures can be balanced with stability and predictability so that you are able to consistently create. This season is about knowing who you truly are beneath the surface, and how to nurture that creative growth. Such a beautiful time! If you don’t already have one, you will be looking into having a website, perhaps having thoughts of a headquarters (home), setting up shop and even considering merchandise or products to sell which can make people feel a belonging with your creative service and world. In early to mid-November, you are likely to take on a more visionary approach to your creative service, becoming more extroverted in your knowledge and spiritual service to others. You will want to aid others on their spiritual journey, feeling a great responsibility here. You will be practising compassion with the people closest to you in your life, developing deep bonds with your art as well as developing reaffirming deep bonds with those closest to you; you will want to protect them with your art (perhaps as a source of freedom and escapism or even direct service).

Scorpio- “Creative Image Change!”

For the last few months, you’ve been reassessing who you are deep down, on a subconscious level. You may have uncovered thoughts and belief systems you never even knew you had and as a result, this season, you will be having a complete creative image change! This may be in the form of your presentation, the kind of content you are representing or even the style of creative work you are debuting. Performing has taken on a whole new meaning for you now and how you want the world to see you is changing. There is action now; you will be putting in the work to lay new foundations. You will delve into the depths of your psyche to find out who you truly are; and it will feel so beautiful to you. You’ll develop bonds with others in the same field as you, or willing candidates, and perhaps make something new. Collaboration could happen during this time. You will be feeling poetic, harmonic and therefore refine your self-expression. Your artwork will take on a very honest edge, but graciously presented to your audience. This is your season; you are most comfortable here. You’ll feel a pull to help your community through music, film or other art expression. You may take part in a community project, or bringing your family together where you are leading change practically and taking responsibility for what is best for everyone. This will aid in your cleansing of your soul, your purpose and a rebirth of activism within you.

Sagittarius- “Some You-Time”

This is a time where you are learning and unlearning ideas that have lodged themselves neatly into your subconscious! What does this mean for you creatively? You will have a new sense of self (quietly though) before anyone else gets to notice it. This is where you’re perhaps writing secretly, listening to music that inspires you creatively and therefore getting lost in your own world. You’re meeting a new version of your inner self, and you may encounter a few surprises deep inside your mind. You’ll be creating a solid foundation that is in line with how you want to see the world, and how you would like to interact with it. Spending time alone and spiritually expanding at this point is key!

Towards mid-November, you’ll be reaffirming your inner identity with the way you begin preparing for creative expression. You may have a wardrobe change, change your room/home around so that you feel more creatively free or even beginning a new morning ritual/routine so that you can give yourself a bit more attention than you had in the past. Your morning will likely begin with a private form of creative expression; practising an instrument, taking photographs of nature or maybe singing as the sun rises. Journaling is a likelihood too. This is important for laying the foundations for a new form of creative expression. It comes from deep inside us- so cherish this preparation time.

Capricorn- “A New Message to Spread”

You will be having a cleansing of who you run with Capricorn. This may mean looking at who your creative friends, circles and networks are. You may completely change who you have around you creatively; collaborating within new circles. You may also be looking at new creative organisations to be a part of! This is all part of your transformation as an artist which started a few months ago during Saturn retrograde/direct.

This change in what you stand for will lead to an explosion of energy that you will unleash onto the creative world in November! Whatever your message is, it is likely to have a social activist stance, and you will likely bring to light what needs resolving in our society through visual representations of art. Ensure that you don’t become caught up and disillusioned in the bells and whistles (and keep a potentially inflated ego in check) of debuting the change you want to see in the world; stay focused on the message!

Aquarius- "A new Public Image”

Your public image will have a rapid change. You will likely be thinking about the legacy you want to leave behind, or create, and so will be proactive in working towards that goal. As a result, you’ll be transforming your branding, marketing strategies and becoming more of an authoritarian in your creative field. You may communicate the lessons you’ve experienced from Virgo and Libra season, from a place of knowing what you stand for. This is a strong position for you, over the end of October; really capitalise on this energy.

In November, you will transmute this public leadership to a very creative, fluid and conceptual medium. Perhaps you will indulge in creating music, or collaborating with musicians and dancers in order to communicate your spiritual ideas. You will be expanding spiritually during this time, continuing to make sense of a lot of concepts that you have come across in art and reading. What a transformational and busy time for you Aquarius!

Pisces- “The Professor”

You will have a fluctuating energy of wanting to spend time alone during the end of October, where you are swotting up on the legends of the creative world! You may be reading the work of other artists and poets and writers, indulging in reading about their lives and influences, so that you have a bank of reference and influence of the world that you love. You are transforming your mind through this learning, and truly falling in love with the depths of the minds of these creatives.

Into November, you will want to reconnect with networks and organisations and friendship circles! You will be exercising what you have learned, really taking on those lessons and applying them to your craft. You’ll be pro-active in establishing or furthering the agenda of an organisation in allowing betterment and change for the world that we live in. This may involve you taking part in a show that is musical or related to film; perhaps featuring or taking part in a film that showcases big social change!

Happy Scorpio Season!

Until next month,

Jonelle x

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